Center for the Study of Communication and Society

Studying Communication & Society at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers a rich diversity of degree-granting undergraduate (BA, minors and majors) and graduate (MA, PhD) programs through which to pursue the anthropological, linguistic, and sociological study of communication and society. Faculty members of CSCS offer classes ranging across methodologies (discourse analysis, ethnography, hermeneutic sociology, semiotics, variationist sociolinguistics), disciplines (anthropology, linguistics, political science, sociology), and objects of analysis (animal therapy, gender, morphosyntax, moving images, political discourse, race, among many others). A sample of of courses offered at the University are listed below.

– African American Language & Culture (King)
– Citationality and Performativity (ANTH 47615; Nakassis)
– Ethnographies of the Middle East (Wedeen)
– Film Semiotics: Towards a Linguistic Anthropology of Cinema (ANTH 57400, CMST 57200; Nakassis)
– Hermeneutic Sociology (SOC 40156, ANTH 40150; Glaeser)
– Iconicity/Sound Symbolism (Bermudez)
– Ideology (Wedeen)
– Interpretive Methods (Wedeen)
– Language in Culture (ANTH 37201, CHDV 37201, ISHum 35400, LING 31100, PSYCH 47001; Nakassis, Gal)
– Language and Society (King)
– Language, Gender, and Sexuality (King)
– Language Revitalization (ANTH 27430, LING 27430; Gal)
– Linguistic Anthropology Practicum (ANTH 57300, LING 57300, CHDV 47300; Nakassis)
– Linguistic Ethnographies (ANTH 21610; Gal)
– Multilingualism (Grenoble)
– On Violence (Wedeen)
– Politics and Political Knowledge, Ancient and Modern (SOC 40216, ANTH 40156; Glaeser)
– Professional Persuasions: Rhetorics of Expertise (ANTH 27505, LING 27505; Gal)
– Professional Vision (ANTH 54110; Carr)
– Race, Ethnicity, and Language (King)
– Speech Play and Verbal Art (LING 27170, ANTH 27170; Bermudez)
– Talking with Animals (Carr)
– What Does it Mean to Speak Freely (Glaeser)
– Youth Culture and Linguistic Practice (ANTH 37435/27220, LING 27210; Nakassis)

For more information on courses and their scheduling, see the Registrar’s website. For more information on courses and programs of undergraduate and graduate study, please see the department websites of anthropology, linguistics, political science, and sociology.