Center for the Study of Communication and Society

News + Awards

January 2023

— Cambridge University Press publishes Michael Silverstein’s Language in Culture: Lectures on the Social Semiotics of Language. Available here
— University of Toronto Press publishes Constantine V. Nakassis’s Onscreen/Offscreen. Available here. Open-access edition here

September 2022

— Italian translation of Constantine Nakassis, Doing Style: Youth and Mass Mediation (2016, University of Chicago Press) has been published (September 1, 2022) by Raffaello Cortina Editore as  Fare Stile: Culture giovanili e mass media nell’India del Sud.
Jürgen Spitzmüller (University of Vienna) and Constantine V. Nakassis hosted the workshop, “Ideologies of Design: Metapragmatics, Mediation, Materiality”, September 20–23, 2022 at the University of Chicago. 

February 2022

— The CSCS Library of Michael Silverstein’s works (monographs, articles, essays, reviews, obituaries, etc.) has now been uploaded here. 

November 2021

– 2021 Undergraduate Student Essay Prize, Society for Linguistic Anthropology: Honorable Mention to Sophie Plotkin (Anthropology, BA/MA student, University of Chicago; advisor: Susan Gal, University of Chicago); Co-Winner to Erika Prado (BA, UCSC, currently Comparative Human Development, PhD candidate); video of award ceremony here.
— 2021 Graduate Student Essay Prize, Society for Linguistic AnthropologyWinner to Joshua Babcock (Anthropology, PhD student; Advisors: Constantine V. Nakassis and Susan Gal); video of award ceremony here.
— 2021 Public Outreach and Community Service Award, Society for Linguistic Anthropology to Talking Politics (CSCS Webinar Series): Wee Yang Soh (Anthropology, PhD student, University of Chicago), Joshua Babcock (Anthropology, PhD student, University of Chicago), Feng Ye (Anthropology, PhD Student, University of Chicago), Lily Ye (Anthropology, PhD student, University of Chicago), Velda Khoo (UColorado Boulder), Molly Hamm-Rodriguez (UColorado Boulder), Jacob Henry (UColorado Boulder), Maureen Kosse (UColorado, Boulder), Rebecca Lee (UColorado Boulder), Maria Ruiz Martinez (UColorado, Boulder); video of award ceremony here.
—  2021 Edward Sapir prize, Society for Linguistic Anthropology: Susan Gal and Judith Irvine, for Signs of Difference (2019, Cambridge University Press); video of award ceremony here.
— E. Summerson Carr (Anthropology, University of Chicago) was elected President-Elect of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology