2006 Events/Calendar

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, October 6, Noon in Kelly Hall 114 (Seminar Room): The Center fo the Study of Communication and Society, Latin American Studies, and the Department of Anthropology present John B. Haviland, Department of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego. "Icepicks and amulets: Mexican Merolicos’ Magical Marketing". Persons with a disability who may need assistance, of for further inquiries please contact Josh Beck <jpbeck@uchicago.edu> or Michael Silverstein <m-silverstein@uchicago.edu>. Lunch will be provided.

    From the abstract: "In Mexico, many an urban streetcorner or rural marketplace will sport a merolico, a vendor who hawks his or her wares -- everything from blankets to snake oil, food to magical talismans -- to the accompaniment of a torrent of speech,
    sometimes electrically amplifi ed, sometimes shouted in virtuoso, fluent spiels. Over the course of several years, I have
    collected specimens of performances by these home grown modern business specialists, trying to understand both the
    discursive structure and the peculiarly compelling commercial and cultural force of these spoken interactions."

Past Events:

  • The Center for the Study of Communication and Society presented a "Meet the Mediator" lunchtime talk by Jaroslaw Anders (Voice of America), Voicing America: U.S. Government Broadcasting in Search of a Mission. Friday, 27 January, 12 Noon - 2.00 PM, South Asia Lounge, Foster Hall 103.

    Jaroslaw Anders has worked in U.S. broadcasting for over 20 years as a Polish language broadcaster, English programs reporter, radio and TV producer, Eurasia Division writer and news analyst. A native of Poland, he has contributed to a number of American periodicals, including The New Republic, The New York Review of Books, and Newsday. He is currently finishing a book on contemporary Polish literature.

  • "Lunchtime seminar with Professor Jan Blommaert (University of London; Ghent University) and friends:" Friday, 13 January, 12 Noon - 2.00 PM, South Asia Lounge, Foster Hall 103 Sponsored by: Center for the Study of Communication and Society; Department of Linguistics; and Department of Anthropology.

    Jan Blommaert and Michael Silverstein will discuss the first installments of their joint project on the theory and history of fieldwork-based, inductive study of languages and language-mediated cultural forms, in an informal lunchtime seminar -- sandwiches, etc. to be provided -- around the seminar table in the South Asia Lounge.  Blommaert has recently written, From fieldnotes to grammar: Artefactual ideologies and the textual production of languages in Africa, and Silverstein, Inductivism and the Emergence of Modern Descriptive Linguistics, two papers that lay out some of the issues in their respective areas of study.  The papers will form the basis for a short introductory conversation between the two authors, followed by a general open discussion of the papers and the issues they raise.  For copies of the papers or for more general inquiries, e-mail m-silverstein@uchicago.edu or download the files here:

On the Media:

  • "Media Reflections:" A bi-weekly documentary and popular film series on the politics and cultures of media institutions in the U.S. and abroad.  Schedule: TBA
  • "Meet the Mediator:" Quarterly conversations with notable U.S. and foreign journalists.  Next: Jaroslaw Anders, see above.


  • "Distinguished Communicator in Society Lecture:" An annual lecture featuring a prominent public figure in media and the public sphere.  More Info: TBA


  • "Communication and Society Conference:" An annual conference or symposium held each fall that brings together scholars working on topics relevant to communication and society.  We are currently organizing a conference on the construction of consciousness around the 2004 U.S. general elections.  More Information TBA